Synthesia торрент Русская Версия

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Synthesia торрент Русская Версия

Данное приложение способно научить любого из вас довольно неплохо играть на таком инструменте, как пианино. Synthesia или, как ее еще называют — Piano Tutorial, это бесплатная программа, но тут создатели прибегли к очень хитрому ходу, они продают дополнительный функционал в виде отдельного модуля под названием Learning Pack, который помогает обучаться с еще большим удобством и качеством. Но вопреки стараниям разработчиков, в самом низу странички вы можете бесплатно скачать саму программу и активацию к ней.

Симпатичный интерфейс Synthesia Piano выполнен полностью на русском языке. Это делает использование программы очень простым и удобным. Для того чтобы протестировать утилиту, изначально, вместе с установкой дистрибутива, появляются и несколько музыкальных файлов, на которых можно обучаться.

Скачать Synthesia

Чтобы открыть их, нужно добавить в настройках путь к папке, в которой они содержатся. Вы можете либо просмотреть игру в автоматическом режиме, либо самостоятельно проиграть мелодию по нотам. Ясно, что с первого раза это вам не удастся, однако, не теряйте терпения, практикуйтесь и положительный результат не заставит себя ждать. Изначально нужно кликать мышью по тем клавишам, которые будут подсвечиваться, с каждым новым проходом задания будут становиться сложнее.

Немного ниже вы получите возможность скачать полную русскую версию приложения бесплатно и без регистрации. Вместе с установочным дистрибутивом в архиве находится и кряк. Код активации не потребуется. После установки программы отключите интернет и скопируйте файл в директорию с установленным приложением. Затем включите интернет. Готово, можно приступать к обучению! Установить программу можно на ПК под управлением Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

Synthesia 8.5 — 03/2013
NEW: Faster/easier way to hold onto and enter your Learning Pack key: there is
now a shorter code that can be used to look up the longer version from the
website automatically. You only need to remember a few letters/numbers.
NEW: Exotic keyboards that send «All Notes Off» instead of «Note Off» messages
are now handled correctly (or at least as correctly as they can be).
FIX: Using only input devices that don’t have their note range set will no
no longer skip all notes in melody practice. Instead, their range will be
treated as though they have the full 88 keys available.
FIX: Don’t reset newly added finger hints with the rest of the stats that are
reset when a song is restarted.
FIX: iPad: In-app purchases should no longer fail during the validation step.
FIX: Removing songs or folders in your filesystem while Synthesia is running
should no longer cause a crash.
FIX: Settings can now be saved/loaded again for Windows users with Unicode
characters in their usernames.
FIX: Sheet music resize bar displays correctly when Gameplay.PinMenuDrawerOpen
advanced setting is turned off.
FIX: The «All Songs (grouped by folder)» meta-group will now always be shown,
even when there are no other groups in the song library.
FIX: Sheet music resize bar now shows under loop, bookmark, and finger hint UI.
FIX: Keyboard zoom should no longer shimmy between song attempts.
FIX: Zoom menu is now wide enough that controls don’t fall off the edges when
the «My Keyboard» option is available.
FIX: Double-clicking a simple part button shouldn’t start the song paused.
FIX: Synthesia should no longer crash after plugging a device back in.
FIX: iPad: Imported songs could become unavailable in rare cases.
FIX: Rests in sheet music should no longer have drawing glitch under them.
FIX: Hitting the «Change Notation Size» shortcut (default F3) when there isn’t
any sheet music currently shown should no longer cause a crash.
FIX: In rare circumstances when using channel 1 key lights, a MIDI track
containing only meta events and SysEx would be ignored.
FIX: Adjusting rating or difficulty in the song library would sometimes change
the song above it instead.

Version 0.7.4 — 09/2010
NEW: Movable ‘Do Re Mi’ key and note labels.
NEW: English note label spellings will now be based on the song’s current
key signature instead of always showing sharps. This includes the use of
double flats (bb) and double sharps (x). E.g., In Gb Major, an A is Bbb.
NEW: Added support for lighted keyboards. Notably, shows upcoming notes in
practice mode. Otherwise, mirrors behavior of spark effect.
NEW: Windowed mode and ability to use a video mode that isn’t your desktop’s
current video mode. Use the new configuration tool start menu shortcut.
NEW: Added —bookmark-count command line argument.
NEW: Advanced option to disable MIDI device «hard resets».
NEW: Stats are shown for the previous few loops on top of current/best.
NEW: Button to enter loop editing mode to make it more discoverable.
NEW: Loop score is now shown in rhythm mode (similar to practice loop stats).
NEW: Fine-tune loop by dragging boundaries in play area.
NEW: Tooltip showing song time/measure when navigating the timeline.
CHG: Loops will now snap to the current song position during creation.
CHG: Loops are much more visible in the song timeline.
CHG: Holding notes will now generate 5x the points. (250/sec vs. 50/sec)
CHG: Key and note labels are now larger and easier to read.
CHG: All settings are now stored in either «shell:appdataSynthesia» in Windows
or «

Описание игры, торрент, скриншоты, видео

NEW: Completely new keyboard graphics! Remastered falling-note graphics, too.
NEW: The old, single «Played by Synthesia, Notes Muted» style setting for an
instrument has been broken up into independently controllable components:
Played by Me/Synthesia, Shown/Hidden, and Sounded/Muted. This allows for
two (strange) new modes not previously available: me|hidden|sounded and
me|hidden|muted. That last one probably won’t be especially useful. 😉
NEW: Change the color theme via the settings screen.
NEW: Summary play statistics have been added to the profiles section of the
settings screen for each user profile.
NEW: An «All Songs (grouped by folder)» entry in the song library will help
users take advantage of their meticulously organized MIDI folders.
NEW: The new «Background Instruments» and «The Other Hand» items in the Songs
section of the Settings screen will control how the parts that you don’t
elect to play (via the simple song view) will be handled.
NEW: Synthesia will now prompt you before leaving a song early if you’ve already
earned points. (Control with advanced «Gameplay.ConfirmEarlyExit» option.)
NEW: Track colors for left/right/both hands are now set automatically. The left
hand is always blue. Right/both is always green. Disabling the
Gameplay.SimpleReplaceColors setting in the config tool will prevent this.
NEW: Gameplay.AutoShiftToBestOctave advanced setting can now be disabled to
suppress the smart octave shift behavior whenever you change song settings.
NEW: A «Notation.ShowUserNotes» advanced setting to hide user sheet music notes.
NEW: Drag-pan the paused song, shimmy the keyboard when zoomed in, or scroll
through the song list. Best when used with touch-screens. Disable using
the «System.DragPanning» advanced option.
NEW: Error count is now reset if you rewind to the very beginning of song.
NEW: Double-click in falling note area to pause or resume the song.
NEW: The song list now scrolls smoothly instead of going page by page.
CHG: Increased the window of time given to hit a note correctly.
CHG: Input is now echoed to output devices on every screen (though the software
keyboard only works in the Music Devices section of Settings and Play).
CHG: The on-screen keyboard now shows user input, even while paused.
CHG: Middle-C note marker has been replaced with every-octave labels on C.
CHG: Shortcuts can now have eight bindings, up from three.
CHG: The «Do Nothing» choice for the «Notes Outside My Range» setting has been
removed. The default is now «Play them for me».
CHG: The percussion icon option is now tri-state: always shown, only when
playing percussion, or never shown.
CHG: Removed «Keyboard Height» setting. Small keyboard ranges now always have
their height limited.
CHG: Flattened the included song groups in the song library a little.
CHG: Hard resets are now disabled by default.
CHG: Metronome is now disabled by default.
CHG: Removed song library flags.
CHG: The «First Pieces» in the G Major Music Theory set no longer count as
Learning Pack demo songs. (Reverted from 0.8.3.)
CHG: Dropped the leading «0.» part of the version number.
FIX: Touch-screens should no longer require two taps to «click» buttons.
FIX: Hang when zoom to «Visible Song Notes» in songs with any C0, C#0, or D0.
FIX: Strange control characters could make text boxes behave strangely.
FIX: The FPS display is now larger and easier to read against busy backgrounds.
FIX: Finger hints can no longer be added to notes on hidden tracks.

Version 0.6.5 — 09/2008
NEW: Note Labels option on the Play Settings screen.
NEW: Resize sheet music display with F3 or by dragging border with mouse.
NEW: Name of the current song key displayed down in status area.
NEW: 120+ new songs from included in the release.
NEW: Added a marker to the «middle C» keyboard key.
NEW: Mouse auto-fade after a few seconds of no movement.
NEW: Pause/Resume button in the bottom right corner of the gameplay screen.
NEW: Enhanced the keyboard display with a red strip of felt.
CHG: Changed the appearance of various windows and buttons a little.
CHG: Pushed MIDI output to a separate thread, which should improve performance.
CHG: Game startup should be a little faster when loading large songs.
CHG: Toggle «Full Debug Output» with F7. If you’re running into a repeatable
problem, it may be useful to run the game with full debug output on before
sending me the log from the run containing the problem.
FIX: Notes from «You Play» tracks should always appear above other notes.
FIX: Practice mode «next note» markers no longer appear at staggered times
when more than one note exists at the same time.
FIX: Practice mode «next note» markers are now always removed properly when
rewinding at low speeds.
FIX: Controller, after-touch, and pitch bend events are no longer sent to
the output device for «You Play» tracks.
FIX: Notes can no longer be skipped in practice mode at high speeds.
FIX: The «next note» marker is now shown for all notes that can be hit while
waiting for user input, not just notes directly on the line.
FIX: Track selection boxes can not longer run off the bottom of the screen.
FIX: Sheet music button on track selection screen is much easier to see now.
FIX: Practice mode can no longer be selected when no tracks have been set
to «You Play» mode. A helpful message is indicated instead.

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