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Social Club V торрент

From limited-edition collectibles, to once-in-a-lifetime VIP trips, to a chance at getting your name etched on a tombstone in an in-game cemetery, there’s never a shortage of unique, Social Club-sponsored sweepstakes and giveaways to reward your continued support of the community.

A brand new feature that will exist in Rockstar online multiplayer titles from Max Payne 3 through Grand Theft Auto V and beyond — across all applicable platforms. Crews are groups of Social Club members who form persistent teams to earn exclusive benefits both in-game and here on the web. Whether you’re looking to compete with other teams in multiplayer or to form squads of Friends online, there’s a Crew for you.

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Can’t rest until you’ve explored every last nook and cranny of a game? You’ll love our progress tracking tools and personalized checklists, which will keep you up to date on your quest to 100% and offer some helpful hints along the way.

Trash-talking your friends is always more fun when armed with the numbers to back it up. Whether you’re a lone wolf or a multiplayer maven, we’ve got the tools you need to keep tabs on every facet your gaming experience and see how you stack up against the rest of the community.

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