Скины для Виртуал Диджей 7

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Скины для Виртуал Диджей 7

This multifunction skin is a powerhouse of goodies for your Virtual DJ. This skin works for all third-party controllers, scratch, and video DJs. The developer RobGmixes from the west of Wales has more than 25 years experience in the industry thus making his skin one of the top downloaded skins to date.

This skin works with Virtual DJ 8 in high definition. This skin is visually stunning with a multi-functioning platform and perfect for scratch and video DJs. The developer of this skin realised the importance of enjoying the look and feel of your Virtual DJ. The developer, zanard has brought old school back to the arena helping you create funky old vibes on the virtual pads.

Virtual DJ Skins and Plugins

Virtual DJ is more than just a program it’s a community. Every skin or plugin is part of the forum and can easily be contacted for assistance on setup or use. Always remember to look up past threads for easy to follow instructions. Keep in mind what version you have on your desktop or tablet as these skins only work with the proper program version.

This simple but user-friendly skin gives you everything you need. This versatile yet efficient is a multi-functioning interface made for scratch and video DJs. Created by Fruit a long time community maker this skin has had many praises and is one of the most downloaded skins to date.

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