Скачать Сочинение на Английском языке

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Скачать Сочинение на Английском языке

Not anyone who knows a foreign language can be an interpreter
Nowadays, being an interpreter is one of the most prestigious occupations. A lot of young people dream of becoming an interpreter, that’s why they study foreign languages very actively. Many of them achieve a good level of competence.

More and more people are choosing to live in cities. But some people take up residence in the country.
Nowadays, there’s a tendency for active young people to leave rural areas for towns and cities. That is the reason why the population of the villages is thinning down now.

Эссе (сочинение) на английском

Fast food is the food of the future
It is difficult to imagine our life without fast food. It is gradually forcing out the traditional cuisine, and many people are sure that fast food will dominate in the future.

Family is the most important thing in life
People put much value upon different things, for example, money, freedom, friends, etc. But it is often stated that family has to be on top of all things.

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● englishdaily626.com ( Перевод ) раздел Junior English Essays ( Сочинения / этюды / наброски на английском языке младших учащихся ) на сайте English Daily ( Ежедневный английский ) ( США). Примеры небольших сочинений на самые разные темы. Всего — 66 ( на данной странице и следующей — 1).

Топики (темы) — английский язык

● aboutbritain . com ( Перевод ) — на сайте About Britain . com ( Everything you need to know about Britain) можно найти тысячи коротких рассказов об Англии. В частности: Достопримечательности aboutbritain.com ( Перевод ) — музеи (575), галереи (107), соборы и церкви (49), замки и форты (112), сады и парки (229+27) и мн. другое; Города aboutbritain.com ( Перевод ) — о городах Англии (524); Регионы aboutbritain.com ( Перевод ) — о различных областях (регионах) этой страны и многое другое. Все, кому нужно написать сочинение об Англии – сюда. Здесь можно найти материал для написания и крошечного сочинения и большого реферата.

● englishdaily626.com ( Перевод ) раздел English Compositions ( Сочинения на английском языке ) на сайте English Daily ( Ежедневный английский ) ( США). Примеры тоже не очень больших сочинений на самые разные темы более старших учащихся. Всего — 66 ( на данной странице и следующей — 1).

В конце статьи посмотрите видео и дополните свое сочинение интересными фактами.

However, the most important use of English is in computer and Internet language. Many English words are derived from other languages, such as Latin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and several others. For example, the words “family, number, school” come from Latin, the words “royal, menu, hotel” come from French, the word “siesta” is of Spanish origin, the word “judo” is Japanese, the words “tsar, borscht” are Russian. There are also some new words, connected with innovative technology.

Сочинение на английском языке — Английский язык — с переводом

Millions of people in the world use English as their native language, and millions use it as a second language. Almost all countries in the world have an English language subject at schools and universities. English has become an international language due to its significance in many areas, such as industry, business, finance, agriculture, and else.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that English is the most important language in the world. Nearly half of the world population speaks English. Some of the largest countries in the world are English-speaking. Among them the USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. By its origin English belongs to Germanic languages of the Indo-European family.

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