Iapfree iOS 8 скачать

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Iapfree iOS 8 скачать

Step 4: Again, back to Sinful iPhone repo and search for iAPFree Core Plugin. Tap on it to install it to your iOS 8 device. iAPFree Core Plugin must be installed otherwise you can’t use iAPFree because it is the main plugin for the app.

Step 1: Open Cydia and go to Manage. Tap on Sources and then Edit. Look for the Add button and tap on it.

Cydia Download, Free Apps — Sources

Step 3: Go back to Cydia and access to SinfuliPhone repo. Enter “iAPFree iOS 8” or simply “iAPFfree” on the search box and tap on the search button. Enter “iAPFree iOS 7” if you are install this app on an iOS 7 device. Tap on iAPFree to install it straight away.

Step 5: Open iAPFree app. Look for any In-App app you want and you can click on the BUY button to install it. How does it feel to buy something without the need to pay?

Note: Before dying into purchase page, disable SBSettings’s toggle and installous alternative apps. Make sure that you didn’t installed iAP Patcher or LocaliAPstore and if you have installed them, just remove metadata or whole installation.

So, if you have jailbroken iOS, then you can proceed to next step otherwise jailbreak it. PanGu is the perfect tool to jailbreak any iOS 11.1.2 firmware. But, if you have older firmware such as iOS 9, then use PanGu .

Iapfree iOS 8 скачать

3 Once you have installed both of above apps in your iDevice, you are ready to use this app. Run iAPFree app in the background and enable toggle from it’s setting menu.

It is not possible to give exact list of games and apps that are working with this hack, however, there are a few of apps that are tested with iAPFree are listed below…

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