Блокада 3d скачать торрент

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Блокада 3d скачать торрент

So, is Blockade 3D worth a download? If you’ve got time to kill and you really want a competitive experience that looks a bit like Minecraft, this is probably the game for you. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, though, and it derivative of many games that are far better. This isn’t going to be the game that changes your life, but it will probably get you through a dreary afternoon.

One thing you’ll notice about the game is that everything you love is fairly blatantly stolen from other games. It grabs most of the combat and leveling ideas from first person shooters, takes zombie mode from the various Horde modes in other games, and lifts the aesthetic wholesale from Minecraft. This is not an original game by any means, but it does have the very original problem of having bad controls. It’s not that they aren’t intuitive, but rather that they really aren’t all that responsive. In what’s theoretically a first person combat game, this can be a huge issue.


Some games rely on one feature to sell themselves. Blockade 3D is not that game. It provides a huge variety of game modes and activities, giving players a one-stop shop for everything they need. From building to exploring to combat, Blockade 3D has it all. If you’re looking to get into an experience that’s like a combat-heavy Minecraft, this is probably the game for you. With persistent ranking and levels, it’s probably the closest thing to «Minecraft of Duty» that will ever exist.

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